Sara Milonovich / Daisycutter

Sara Milonovich; fiddle, vocals
Andy Goessling: guitars, mandolin, wind instruments
Greg Anderson: guitars
Leo Traversa: bass
Ben Wittman/Steve Holloway: drums

Andy’s years active with band 2009 – 2018

Andy was a key member of Daisycutter for 10 years, from 2009-2019. He played mandolin, dobro, banjo, and guitar (and occasionally saxophone) both live and on two albums, “Waiting for the Stars” and “Northeast”. His creative contributions were often integral to the way a song would develop, organically gaining its unique sound and shape, and he had uncanny musical instincts for choosing the right instrument for the right part (out of the literal dozens he was accomplished at.) Always a tasteful, quirky, and subtle sideman, his soloing possessed a technical brilliance that could hold its own with any on the scene, but his unique melodic choices and the incredible sense of humor that imbued his playing are what made him truly an individual musical voice. He was a real original, a true “musical conversationalist” who could convey the perfect emotion in a song or just as easily tell melodic jokes without words. 

What Do You Do When You’re a Band Passing Through Roswell, NM? Go Antiquing For Vintage Egg Beaters. 

We must have failed “Rock n Roll Lifestyle 101”, as our band vices eschewed drugs and booze in favor of high octane coffee, funky restaurants, hiking, and… antiquing. This was Andy’s particular passion, and thus how we found ourselves in downtown Roswell, NM, perusing an impressive selection of vintage kitchen utensils. (They don’t make egg beaters like they used to!) He had a deep knowledge of antiques, especially instruments, although the lack of space in the van often hindered those talents when it came to the actual acquisition! Thus, we focused on kitchen utensils, as they fit more easily in suitcases. Scoring our vintage egg beaters, pastry blenders, and potato mashers (as well as an ink drawing of a loon – an uncommon find in the middle of the desert, to say the least!), we wandered past the Area 51/ alien ephemera and repaired to a coffee shop to compare treasures. That was life on the road with Andy. Always more unexpected, more informative, and much, much more interesting than one could have ever imagined.   

– Sara Milonovich