Kings in Disguise

Tim Carbone: Fiddle, guitar, vocals
Andy Goessling: Mandolin, woodwinds, guitar
Buck Dilly: guitar, vocals
Jim Gilheany: Bass
Dave Moore: Drums

Andy active with Band 1996 – 2001

Kings In Disguise came into being in 1991 after the Blue Sparks From Hell came to an end. The name comes from the title of a graphic novel written by Jack Vance. It was the story of a young boy who takes to the rails with an old hobo to find his father. Along the way he learns the hobo ways. The old man used to refer to the two of them as Kings In Disguise… a good name for a band.

Andy joined Kings In Disguise in 1996, after personnel problems placed him in the band for it’s first national tour. As with any band Andy was a part of, he took the project to a whole new level. The band played dozens and dozens of shows, showcased at SXSW, recorded 2 EP’s, collaborated on two great records with Wayne Montbleau and Liam Macdonald and became the backing band for Rick Danko (The Band) for the last year and a half of his life. We were to start a record with him in January of 2000. Tragically the world lost Rick Danko on December 29th, 1999. He passed peacefully in his sleep.

When it became obvious Kings In Disguise would not be able to tour nationally in any kind of sustainable way, Andy and I started Railroad Earth in 2001. Disbanding Kings In Disguise was bitter sweet. We both loved playing that music and it was one helluva band. But what came next became the second half of our life in music together.

– Tim Carbone